About Lark

About Lark Technology Group Ltd - Woolpit, Suffolk

The Power to Control

Lark Technology provides a large assortment of industrial control and safety systems, electrical installations and support services. Our main areas of expertise include:

• Project Design & Management
• Custom Built Panels
• PLC & SCADA Systems
• Instrumentation & IS Systems
• Industrial & Commercial Cable Installation
• Hazardous Area & ATEX Installations
• Functional & Machine Safety Systems
• Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting
• Inspection & Testing
• Technical Support

Lark are committed to a continuous development strategy aimed at increasing our company stature and turnover within the fields of process control systems & associated installation works.

To succeed, our development strategy requires the full support of all our employees, whose skill and expertise is the key to our success.

The whole company is involved in a continuous programme of training and development to ensure that the commercial and technical advances, inherent in our chosen disciplines, are fully absorbed and utilised.

Our strategy is designed to achieve our objective by satisfying our clients in terms of quality, value, innovation and service.